Why RelaxDent?

Everything we do, we do it with passion of serving others. We know exactly how stressful receiving a dental treatment can be, that is why creating a warm and friendly connection with our patients is our top priority. The atmosphere of the Hungarian countryside is inviting and soothing; perfect location for healing and relaxing.

RelaxDent is the perfect choice:

If you prefer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere whilst enjoying the trappings provided by our state-of the art facility. If you don’t want the noise and congestion of a big city during your treatment. If you prefer a taste of the country, which still offers the opportunity to experience and sample a diverse and vibrant region of Hungary If you want a real taste and feel of our country; history, world class wine tasting and fine cuisine. If you want to remember the experience as a holiday and not as a functional and protracted medical procedure.

We provide excellent services, consultation opportunities and treatments. We use the latest high tech equipment, materials and technology in our surgery and in the dental lab. Absolute competetive rates, up to 50-70% savings compared to average Irish prices. Fast dental treatments (as allowed by dental regulations). Full treatment within 3-5 working days (depending on the nature of the treatment). Passionate Team, relaxed and caring atmosphere. Making RelaxDent unique in the field - during your stay we will stay by your side to provide you with the most holiday-like experience. You will remember your stay more a holiday than dental treatment.

Holiday & Dental Treatment 2 in 1 – This is RelaxDent