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Hungary is undoubtedly a land of great variaty of festivals. This is a country where you will still find small village festivals with folk traditions and rituals barely changed over the centuries. But it is also where some of the world’s most illustrious musicians make their way for cultural events of international significance. Some of the greatest events in the Tokaj-Hegyalja region organized year after year due to it’s high popularity:(Please visit our FACEBOOK page for more information, event schedules and updates)

Crescendo Summer Institute 28.07. - 11.08. 2014

The Crescendo Summer Institute provides an excellent opportunity for concentrated work in the performing arts and provides assistance in preparation for exams and auditions, for the 11th time this year. Excellent soloists and members of leading European and American orchestras teach the Crescendo Summer Institute's mastercourses to intermediate and advanced arts students that join us from more than 25 countries. On the last four festive days of the Institute, during the Crescendo Festival, a series of concerts are given by our faculty and the best students. Orchestra and chamber concerts, theater performances, lectures and exhibitions are open to the local public and guests visiting Sárospatak.

Tolcsva Wine Festival 08.08. – 10.08. 2014

Tolcsva is also an important wine village located in the heart of the Tokaj wine region. During harvest period it is a tradition to celebrate, winemakers showing off their wine, people of the village gathering on the streets, with great food and wine to keep the spirits high. This festival attracts more and more people each year from further and further away. The programs are organised to make sure that everybody will find something to suit their taste and age.

Zemplen Festival 11.08. – 19.08. 2014

The event, awarded the title „High Standard Arts’ Festival” is awaiting visitors with a wide selection of programmes for every generation. The most beautiful monuments and open air venues in Sárospatak, Sátoraljaújhely, Szerencs, Tokaj and many other Zemplen locations will host an abundant selection of theatre performances, classical, pop and jazz concerts, exhibitions and the highly popular excursions. Cultural events are supplemented by programmes related to the gastronomy of the region, its typical dishes and most of all the world- famous Tokaj wine.

Bor, mámor(Wine,Groove)...Bénye Festival 15.08. – 17.08. 2014

This special gastro- and cultural festival takes place on numerous venues, and is mainly geared around and completed by the wine of the Tokaj region. Each year the local vineries open their doors to the wide audience to offer them a taste of their unique wine. At the same time there are a diverse variety of world- and jazz music concerts held, exhibitions to be viewed, or simply the late summer atmoshere of this typical Tokaj region village to be soaked in.

Szerencs Chocolate Festival, 22.08. – 24.08. 2014

When it comes to Szerencs, it is all about chocolate. The festival is based on this fineness. Variety of cultural programs, exhibitions and of course lots of chocolate offer great entertainment for adults and children as well. The festival is always very complex. The organisers make sure, that there is something to do all day, and the events stretch late into the night. Pop music concerts, programs for children, playhouses, competitions, dance demonstrations and folk music concerts guarantee for the unforgettable experience.

Mádi Furmint Holiday 05.09. – 06.09. 2014

The Tokaji wine is well-known and liked all over the world. The most famous is undoubtadly the Aszú, but not everybody knows, that the king of wines is made mostly of furmint, which is the most suitable and noble type of grapes of the Hegyalja Region. And this type of grapes is also great to make unique and special dry wine of, to complement traditional Hungarian dishes. It is obvious, why furmint deserves its own festival celebrated by winelovers...

Tokaj Harvest Festival 03.10. - 05.10. 2014

The history of the Tokaj-Hegyalja Grape Harvest Festival goes back centuries. Year after year, local wineries have been celebrating the end of the harvest season and the region’s uniquely fine wine. This year is going to be no exception. In addition to programs such as wine tasting and grape harvest parade, numerous restaurants, bars and wine cellars throughout the region offer a diverse range of local food and wine, even liqour to tickle the tase buds.